Printy Dater 4810 grey-black

Trodat Printy Dater 4810

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    Trodat Printy Dater 4810

    The Trodat Printy Dater 4810 combines the geniality and flexibility of the Trodat Printy Dater series with the simplicity of an ordinary date stamp.

    The Trodat Printy Dater 4810 is a simple date stamp that prints out one line with a fixed date format. This stamp was only originally designed for stamping the date. In many company documents there is space for a date and a note to say what the date is for. The Trodat Printy Dater 4810 is small and therefore suitable for short notes. The date format consists of two figures for the day, three figures for the month and four figures for the year. All three can be set separately which makes it easy and comfortable to use.

    There is a choice of print colour just like for the other Trodat Printy Dater models so your document stands out and is easy to find. The Trodat Printy Dater 4810 is suitable for general and multifunctional purposes and is also very reliable.

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