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Colop EOS Line

A Look at Colop’s EOS Range of Rubber Stamps

Picking the right rubber stamp is a matter of evaluating the features that a product offers and seeing if they meet your stamping requirements. Colop is a big name in the stamp market, and it offers a vast range of options. The EOS line is one of the popular choices for customers from different sectors. The size and shape variants of the EOS range of stamps fulfils the different stamping demands of office workers. If you need an extra large format, there is a product that caters to it. Some of the models include EOS 20, 30, 50, R30,R40, just to mention a few.

Personalisation Options

Most customers prefer to have customisation for specific stamping needs. For instance, an address stamp is suitable when documents need to have one before using them. The personalisation of a stamp will differ from one business to another. With EOS stamps, you get large image windows that make it less complicated to tailor imprints. Still on customisation, you can get products of different colours. The choices will largely depend on where you are buying the personalised stamp. During customisation, the text area will be considered as well. The size of the text area will determine the size and number of text that can fit on the plate.

Inking Capabilities

Self-inking is another feature available in the EOS range. The pre-inked stamps negate the need to keep re-filling. For one, a selfinking stamp makes for a very clean working environment. Re-inking stamps can be messy even when you are careful- you may have to keep a cloth nearby when working with some types of stamps. What’s more, a larger EOS stamp has an eject function for the cartridge to allow uncomplicated re-inking. The pre-inked pads in an EOS stamp provide over 15,000 of impressions before you need to re-ink it. This contributes to the efficiency of the device and increases productivity. Imagine if you have to rubber stamp 1000 memos for employees. It would save you time since you don’t have to stop after very few hundred copies to refill the cartridge. A business stamp with self-inking capabilities saves money as well. The longer it lasts, the less you have to budget for extra ink.


Prints from an EOS flash stamp have fine details. Even when stamping on uneven surfaces, an EOS stamp is more forgiving. It has extremely accurate and produces high-quality impressions. If you are stamping highly sensitive documents that can’t afford mistakes, then a personalised stamp from the EOS range would be suitable. Go through the EOS line catalogue and order stamp online.



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