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Do It Yourself Stamps

Enjoy Quality and Elegance with the Trodat DIY Stamps

Trodat's Typo Printy is a unique creation made from recycled materials in a bid to enhance climate conservation. The recycled materials are between 60 to 80 percent of the product and the shape is moulded perfectly offering a flawless stamp that is easy to use and comfortable when held in the hand. There are several design variations to choose from, each with different colours that may be suitable for an office setup.

If you want a truly personalised industry stamp, try the 4913 Typo Printy. This stamp can be personalised any way you want, whether you want to stamp your business location, web address or other details. With four lines of fully customisable text, this stamp offers the ability to print almost any information you need..

Easy cartridge change
Trodat Typo Printy address stamp is one of the best stamps when it comes to handling. Changing the cartridge is easy and you do not risk staining your office because the design allows for neat working with the stamp. You will not have to suffer the consequences of spilling ink on your hands with this stamp.

The size of the stamp is also impressive especially for individuals who work remotely or have a flexible schedule. It is small and light, so you can carry it around comfortably. It is also long lasting due to the fact it is made from recycled materials, which offer a hardy finished product while at the same time maintaining climate neutrality conditions. To buy one you can order stamp online.


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