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Ink Pads

Quality Ink Pads for Personal and Professional Use

This line of modern ink pads is versatile and durable; suiting a wide array of requirements. Not only are they comprised of quality ink, but their economical construction is able to accommodate the needs of those on limited budgets. Trodat supplies a wide array of these pads and as always, users can expect to enjoy a superior level of craftsmanship that sets our products apart from other competitors. Let us take a look at some of the characteristics which have allowed our pads to enjoy such popularity with customers from all walks of life.
Flexible Ink Pads for Flexible Uses

First and foremost, these pads can accommodate nearly any requirement. Whether used in conjunction with personalised stamps or address stamps, they represent the perfect options. They are provided in numerous dimensions and these will primarily depend upon the size of the stamp itself. One very important aspect of all pads is that they are fashioned in such a way as to offer uniform impressions each and every time. This is exceedingly important for more complicated patterns. Thanks to a proprietary chemical formulation, they are suited for use within all environments. This helps to guarantee a long lifespan and ink that will remain fresh.

Continuous Quality Improvement

Our pads are offered in colours including black, red, green, blue and violet. This variety is perhaps only superseded by the number of available styles. Traditional pads can be used in conjunction with common accessories such as the line of wooden stamps developed by Trodat. Microporous pads can accommodate even the most intricate of patterns while fingerprint pads ensure sharp reproductions without the use of hazardous chemicals. When we combine the durable and flexible nature of these pads with rock-bottom pricing, it is clear to appreciate why a growing number of clients choose our products for their needs.


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