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Colop Green Line

Colop Green Line

Colop Green Line - The green stamp of Colop

A Colop Green Line stamp stands out from the rest of the usual automatic stamping machines: the powerful apple-green label. Since 2008, Colop's Green Line stamps have become an integral part of the stamp market. Since then, many companies have been imitating sustainably produced stamps made of recycled material - but Colop has not been approached. Colop was the first stamp manufacturer worldwide to be certified according to ISO 14001.

Your advantages in the Green Line of Colop

The Austrian manufacturer Colop is a guarantee for high-quality products. Forward-looking developments and innovative ideas create hallmarks that are indispensable in the office.

  • They use a thoroughly environmentally friendly product.
  • Individual use as date stamp, address stamp, logo stamp etc.
  • Stamping machines are particularly practical.
  • In the Green Line you will find standard stamps like automatic stamps as well as pocket stamps.

Special features of the Colop Green Line stamps

The Colop Green Line stamps are mainly made of recycled material. The proportion of recycled plastic is between 65 and 80 percent - and that's not only good for the environment. Plastic waste is continuously increasing. Packaging in particular generates a lot of waste. Colop recycles plastic waste and recycles it for new, long-term use.

For Colop, environmental awareness does not stop with the stamp itself. The materials used for packaging also consist of 100 percent unbleached recycled cardboard.

If you opt for a stamp from the Classic Green Line, use high-quality wooden handles made of oiled European beech. The wood is sourced from sustainably managed forests that have the internationally recognised FSC® certificate.

Due to all these aspects, the process for manufacturing the Green Line products is certified and audited according to ISO 14001.

Buy the Colop Green Line at

The popular stamp models from the Colop Green Line can be bought in the online shop. Think ecologically and focus on sustainability. In the Green Line you will find stamps of various sizes and designs, so that almost every application area can be covered. The rectangular stamps vary in number of lines, numeric and word band elements.


1st What makes Colop's stamp?

The manufacturer of the Colop stamp relies on innovation to keep a product that has been used for centuries in its basic form always at the latest level: The stamp becomes an innovative and at the same time green product thanks to a modern, sustainable product development. The sustainable protection of the environment - that is Colop's corporate

2nd How are the individual Colop Green Line models structured?

Among the most popular variants of the Colop Green Line are the classic stamps. They impress with their attractive real wood handle made of wood from sustainable forestry. Textplate and stamp pads are securely held in a sturdy steel frame. This self-inking stamp can be used as an address stamp, logo stamp or similar.

The Colop printers perform similar tasks, but are designed as self-inking stamps. With these models, both the text plate and the stamp pad can be replaced in a few easy steps - which protects the wallet and resources of the environment.

Like all other models of the Green Line, the Colop Dater Green Line consists of at least 75 percent recycled material. Its ergonomically shaped wooden handle and the all-steel frame of the tripod housing are designed for intensive use. As a self-inking date stamp, this stamp has an integrated annual ribbon for the next 12 years.

Also special is the Colop Printer Liquid Wood, which consists of biopolymer lignin. This waste product is ideal for producing sturdy stamp housings. The Liquid Wood automatic stamps have an integrated stamping plate and an ink pad, both of which are protected against drying out in the housing. The housing of the Colop Printer Liquid Wood is completely biodegradable.

3rd customise Colop Green Line stamp

The self-inking stamps of the Colop Green Line can be designed with numbers, letters and sometimes even pictures, so that you can use them for many different applications. The following areas of application are possible:

4th Why buy Colop Green Line stamps at

With us you can order the high-quality Colop stamps directly from home. Not only do we give you tips and tricks for using Colop Green Line stamps, you can design your very own individual product at in just a few clicks.

  • Colop Printer as motif stamp
  • Colop Data as date stamp
  • logo stamp
  • office stamp
  • Colop Printer as IBAN stamp
  • address stamp
  • date stamps


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