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Colop Pocket Stamps

Make Your Mark Wherever You Go

Your Brand is an Instant with Colop Pocket Stamps.

When opportunities arise, are you ready to make your mark? Get set to stamp on the go with Colop Pocket Stamps. Small and portable, they clip easily into your pocket or bag. The stylish casing also makes them attractive enough to carry on a keyring or wear around your neck. Just choose your colour. Seamlessly staying in step with you is all part of the inspired design. They’re just as easy to use whether you’re standing at the door of a club or sitting at your desk. Read more ...

As these selfinking stamps encase an ink pad, you avoid the inconvenience of remembering to carry a separate one. The compact casing also encloses your business stamp. You’ll open, stamp and close so quickly, your work will look professional and be completed without a fuss.

The different models available allow you create a personalised stamp. For example, the Pocket Stamp 20 and Pocket Stamp 30 accommodate square format lines of text. It works well as an address stamp, with or without a graphic. No bigger than a USB stick, this selfinking stamp proves valuable for outdoor activities. Use it personally for fun events like geocaching tours or as your business stamp. The Pocket Stamp R 25, Pocket Stamp R 30 and Pocket Stamp R 40 are round stamps. When you create your personalised stamp, your logo is positioned in the centre of the circle for greatest impact. Each round stamp model also allows for text.

Whether it’s an address stamp, loyalty scheme or a fun logo, you’ll make an impression in seconds. With the, you can order your stamp online.


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