Trodat Ink Pad Unsoaked 160x90 mm

Trodat Ink Pad Unsoaked 160x90 mm

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    Trodat Unsoaked Ink Pad 160x90 mm

    This 16x9 cm Trodat unsoaked ink pad is ink-free, allowing you to load with whichever colour and type of ink you desire. This option also minimises the chances of your ink drying up and therefore maximises the lifepsan of your inkpad.

    You can use different types of ink, such as dye-based, pigment-based, quick drying, permanent, embossing or water resistant. We are very happy to advise on the volume of ink required to avoid any wastage or an ineffective stamp pattern. Remember to test your stamp out in a practice run upon first inking and always replace the lid on your ink pad. You can rely on Troadt, a leading global manufacturer of rubber stamps to provide you with a reliable and high quality product you can trust.

    This Trodat unsoaked stamp pad can be used with non-self-inking wooden or rubber stamps. Why not fully customise by ordering a personalised stamp as well?
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