Trodat Printy 4630 Diver

  • Print size: ⌀ 30 mm
  • Lines: 6
  • includes plate
Size: ⌀ 30 mm
Manufacturer Id:90849
Round lines:1
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Product Description

Trodat Printy 4630 Diving Stamp

The Trodat Printy 4630 Diving stamp is a rubber stamp that combines modern design and innovative technic with a classic stamping art. The first sort of rubber stamps were diving stamps and were dipped in bottles of ink. Diving stamps were later equipped with ink pads and that is the concept of the Trodat Printy 4630 diving stamp. It has an ink pad that can be attached to the casing. The rubber stamp itself has a practiced stamping technique that supports the muscles. This makes stamping so easy. The stamp plate is 30 mm in diameter. The casing as well as the ink pad colours can be individually chosen. This creates lots of different stamps which are each very unique. The uniqueness can be enhanced in that the Trodat Printy 40630 diving stamp can be created with an individually designed stamp plate. There is room for 6 lines but a picture can also be placed on the stamp plate. No matter what tasks the stamp should fulfil, a lot of effect can be made. From pure information to stylish memos for your own company lots of variations are possible. This makes the Trodat Printy 46030 an individual office companion.

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