Ink pad 178x128 mm XLInk pad 178x128 mm XLInk pad 178x128 mm XLInk pad 178x128 mm XL
Ink pad 178x128 mm XL

Ink pad 178x128 mm XL

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    Product Description

    A large ink pad that can be used in a versatile way

    This is the largest ink pad that we provide and so it contains plenty of ink for all of your needs. It is the perfect complement to other items in the Trodat line, such as a personalised stamp. Use it with a wooden stamp to create artistic decorations or with an official rubber stamp to mark invoices and other corporate documents. This ink pad comes with four options for the ink colour: blue, red, green and black. All in all, this is a long lasting and very versatile pad.

    Durability and compact shape

    No matter which colour of ink you choose, your pad will come enclosed in a strong, sleek black frame with a snap shut clasp which will ensure that there are no leaks at all. The hard plastic shell will protect the pad perfectly. Though this is our largest pad, it is also very easily portable and very compact. Thus, this robust ink pad can be slipped into a drawer or a briefcase with the utmost ease and without taking up too much space. Thus, this pad is the perfect blend of durability and compactness.

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