Colop EOS R30

Colop EOS R30

  • Print size: ⌀ 30 mm
  • Lines: 3
  • includes plate
Size: ⌀ 30 mm
Manufacturer Id:14754
Round lines:1
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Product Description


Impress your documents and clients
Manufactured by Europe’s leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of stamps, COLOP, the stylish EOS R30 is designed for the busy office and workplace. With its ergonomic handle and lightweight black and blue frame, this durable and efficient circular stamp is quick and easy to use, speeding up your office tasks. This self-inking stamp saves you time, increases productivity and stops you from constantly having to find that ink pad that you stored safely away, somewhere. The rubber feet on the EOS R30 prevent your documents and stamp from sliding onto the floor, and help you to always stamp in the right place.

Need a self inking stamp that always delivers extremely high-resolution prints?

Fed up of rubber stamps that produce poor-quality prints? Had enough of stamps that are impossible to use accurately without making an inky mess? The EOS R30 Flash stamp is the answer to these common problems. It consistently produces precise, high resolution prints. But it is also customisable. You can use the online software tool to personalise the circular stamp with your company’s unique logo or branding, so every print carries the message you want to get across.

The self-inking personalised stamp leaves a black circular ink imprint measuring 30 millimetres by 30 millimetres, adding a quality seal of approval to your documents. It makes minimum mess, so it is more cost-efficient and gives you up to 15,000 prints. The selfinking stamp needs refilling less often then other stamps, so you won’t need to buy ink so often.
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