Colop Pocket Stamp R 40 Diver

  • Print size: ⌀ 40 mm
  • Lines: 8
  • includes plate
Size: ⌀ 40 mm
Manufacturer Id:109333
Round lines:1
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Product Description

Colop Pocket Stamp R40 diving stamp

The Colop Pocket Stamp R40 diving stamp is a modern stamp that is not only reliable and creative it also fits in every trouser pocket. It is very small but effectively built. This is how the Colop Pocket Stamp R40 diving stamp with a diameter like its’ stamp plate fits in the trouser pocket. The responsibility lies with innovative technology that combines a robust casing, a retractable stamp plate and an ink pad that is also the lock. The Colop Pocket Stamp R40 diving stamp has a variety of colours for the casing and imprints. The stamp plate can be individually designed which results in quite a special imprint. Whether it represents a serious company or a playful logo for a kindergarten, the Colop Pocket Stamp R40 can fulfil any wish. The notes can be written using 8 lines and an extra round line of text. It is also possible to use graphic elements. The Colop Pocket Stamp R40 is mostly suitable for outdoor events as it can fit in every pocket. It is always there, is always ready for use and can be put away quickly. It combines modern technology with the traditional principle of the diving stamp.

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