Trodat Professional Dater 5480-MCI

Trodat Professional Dater 5480-MCI
68mm x 47mm

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Size: 68 x 47 mm
Frame colour:
Dater font size: 6,0 mm

Frame colour
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Trodat Professional Dater 5480 MCI

With the Trodat Professional Dater 5480 MCI, its user has the ability to insert detailed text and/or graphic elements with the corresponding date. To leave a sustainable impression, different colours can be accentuated on the ink pad which creates a multi-coloured stamp imprint.

The generous stamp imprint of 68 mm x 47 mm leaves enough space to add information, explanations or just decoration to the date. Choice fields can also be inserted above and below the date. Impressive graphics such as a company logo can also be placed on the stamp design. An easy to use online tool designer is available for creating an original Trodat Professional Dater 5480 MCI stamp, which enables the user to upload original designs for above and below the date.

Multi-coloured areas (which must be 2,5 mm apart) can be accentuated as an area of 8mm x 8mm. With its steel core and resilient plastic coating, the Trodat Professional Dater 5480 MCI stamp stands for a high standard of manufacturing and material quality which is completed by an ergonomic design. It is easy to hold and bring into position and the open casing lets its user see the exact area that is being stamped. This prevents the stamp slipping and creating smudges.


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